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Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, be more flexible, or train for a specific sport, a Personal Trainer can help. Armed with the latest information on fitness, Personal Trainers provide more than just assistance with unfamiliar gym equipment. It is now almost commonplace for Personal Trainers to also offer nutrition counseling, sport-specific coaching and agility training as part of their repertoire.

Gone are the days when Personal Trainers were only for athletes, celebrities and the very wealthy. Now, almost everyone can afford to hire a Personal Trainer, and there are many reasons why you should consider hiring one:

You made the decision to get healthy but you feel overwhelmed when you enter the gym. There are too many cardio machines and apparatuses that you have never seen before and have no idea how to use. Should you start with cardio or weights? Should you try the treadmill or the stationary bike? A Personal Trainer can guide you through this process and introduce you to the equipment.  He or she will take into account your fitness level and your goals, then design a program to help you achieve them.

Many people inadvertently injure themselves at the gym because they are unfamiliar with how their body will respond to lifting weights or starting a cardio program. A Personal Trainer can assist by showing you the proper form for your age and ability, while providing constructive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know how to use the equipment properly and safely, your workouts will be more productive and effective.

Weight loss
When diet alone is no longer working for you, exercise can help put your metabolism into high gear. Whether your diet needs a complete overhaul or you just need a few minor tweaks to streamline your middle, a Personal Trainer can design a custom program that consists of cardio, strength training, flexibility and nutrition. A Personal Trainer can also help you break through diet plateaus.

A previous surgery, injury or accident can cause muscle loss, joint stiffness or general weakness and imbalance in your body. A Personal Trainer can design a program to help you recover and regain your strength while paying specific attention to your mobility as a whole.

Sports-Specific Training
Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, a Personal Fitness Trainer can help you get into the best shape for your sport or hobby. Running, skiing, swimming or biking - whatever you choose to play or do, you need to build specific muscles to prevent injury, and to excel to the next level. A Personal Trainer can facilitate by providing individualized attention and a consistent training schedule.

Motivation is one of the largest struggles encountered when trying to improve your fitness on your own and is the primary advantage of personal training.  A trainer can anticipate your blocks to success by analyzing your personal preferences, habits and circumstances.  A personal trainer will provide a powerful and positive force in your routine, giving you incentive and responsibility when it comes time to exercise.

Anything you do that you don't need to do (or that there is a better way to do) creates a loss of efficiency.   Focusing on areas you don't need to work on instead of areas that need attention is a waste of effort.  Personal Training can reduce wasted time and effort which increasing the gain in fitness.