In our member's own words…

I love Midd Fit. The staff are very welcoming and so helpful no matter what you need. The facility is very clean and has many ways to exercise in regard to equipment. And the classes are so diverse and numerous. I've been a member for over 3 years and wouldn't go anywhere else.

Debra H.,  Salisbury

Lots of great equipment, friendly staff and fun challenging classes! Always a great workout at Midd Fit!

Emma F., Middlebury

I have been a member at a few fitness clubs in the past. Middlebury Fitness is the friendliest and has the best home-like atmosphere of any club I have been in.  Middlebury Fitness is a class act. I have felt so welcome, not only from the staff but from other members. Everyone is so friendly and are happy to be there. I'm so happy to be a member.
Terry J.,  Middlebury

You may not remember me, but I remember you and Middlebury Fitness very well. This spring, I was in town working with Opera Company of Middlebury. The company informed us that Middlebury Fitness was offering all of the artists a complimentary gym membership for the duration of our stay. I thought twice about even coming, because every time I’ve ever tried to make the gym a regular part of my routine, I’ve failed. Well, I took advantage of my time off and made coming each day a priority. While it was not easy at first, I tried to make it more enjoyable by focusing on things I enjoyed doing and eating well (eliminating all processed sugars and 75% of my carbs). After two weeks, I was hooked. As soon as I left Middlebury on June 7, I got off the plane and headed to the gym to sign-up for a summer membership here in Miami. I have been hooked, going six days a week, and eating incredibly well. I’ve never felt better about my health and wellness. In just over two months, I’ve lost 28 pounds and feel more energized than ever. I just wanted to thank you for changing my life. I guess that sounds a bit dramatic, but without that membership, I would have never come to your facility, and found the spark I so desperately needed to become a healthier person. More work to be done, but I’ve finally found the motivation I’ve been missing, and there’s no turning back now. Thanks for making a difference in this artist’s life!
Justin M. |  Miami

Every time I set foot in the building, I feel this surge of motivation to have the best workout I can and immediately feel support from the staff!
Megan S., Cornwall

I have been exercising for the last 20 years at Middlebury Fitness.  I lost 60 pounds during my first year and have maintained that loss through continued exercise.  I believe exercise is a great stress reliever and helps keep my attitude positive.  I appreciate the great staff, state of the art equipment and cleanliness of Middlebury Fitness.       
Rick M., Middlebury

My personal trainer took what I was doing and made it work for me!  Whatever my goals, personal training has helped me move toward them.
Woody D., Salisbury

I am a devout believer in the connection between physical and mental well being.  Middlebury Fitness keeps me sane.  The stress and annoyances of everyday life are no match for the benefits I enjoy from taking advantage of the facilities, staff and personal trainers at Midd Fit.  I don’t know what I would be like without Middlebury Fitness.  I’m sure I would be less happy.”
Brian M., Lincoln

I decided I was going to ride a century bike ride in honor of my Uncle who recently died from Lymphoma. My husband and I talked about it and tried to figure out how was I going to get in shape for this ride over the winter.  We decided Middlebury Fitness was the best place. I have since learned it not only the best place, it is the only place!!! Between their classes, staff, trainers, instructors, I am not a client anymore I am part the Middlebury Fitness Family. The instructors for spin class will always ask my training is going and one instructor has asked me for my route so she can simulate it in a class. That is family taking care of family. I have been working with a personal trainer to build core strength and he has given me more knowledge about fitness then I have ever learned before. I just want to thank you for all you have done for me so far, and making me feel more prepared than I ever thought possible. I have raved so much about it my husband has joined, now that speaks for itself!!!  
Linda S.,  New Haven

I’ve been coming here since I was in about 8th grade…I still come today and work out with my recruiter. Great atmosphere, great shakes, clean, and I always feel welcome!

Maren G.,  Middlebury

The best small town gym! It’s never too busy, locker rooms are always clean, and the staff is the so kind and friendly. They also have really good protein shakes!

Anna B.,  Idaho

Love Middlebury Fitness! The classes are exceptional, and really appreciate the virtual option when I can’t make it to town. Overall the vibe is extremely friendly and welcoming, staff professional and facility clean.

Hannah S.,  Leicester

I’ve always had the best experience at middlebury fitness! The owners are so friendly and welcoming, they really are an extension of this community! The facilities are spacious, machines are well situated, the locker rooms and bathrooms are always very clean! The building is beautiful and any trainer I’ve had an interaction with whether in a class or lobby is always motivational and helpful. All around , only gym worth giving your business to.

Priscila J.,  Middlebury

Friendly staff, awesome class instructors, welcoming gym community!

Helena VV., Vergenees